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venerdì 17 aprile 2015

We are what we eat. Dixit.

Ok, the dixit thing is a bit extreme, the rest it is as it is.

If you really think it does not matter what you eat, enjoy life, as long as it lasts, but when your body gives in... than the "  dixit " thing applies.

For a long time I was planning to put this together in a form that anyone could understand, and found no inspiration, but than I saw a movie.

District 9.

Nothing about food, no big chefs, no gourmet lessons, just aliens, humans, conflicts, underground life, guns, bioengineering by mistake, etc.

And some African believes that seem absurd to educated Europeans... but hey, how many absurd thing have being proven correct, the theory of relativity included?

Somewhere in the District 9 a Nigerian cannibal mafia warlord and his killers are knocking off and eating those strong and daring to absorb their strength and powers and enhance their own body.

  I am aware in some African or Asian cultures, and some European ones, eating a mighty wild beast would make your body likewise,  so they would kill the bear, lion, tiger, and consume it, to be strong and brave like them,  in the film they eat aliens, but it did not work.

However that is exactly how it works, but at a different scale, in a different manner, and it takes a hell lot of time to can see some results.

Genetically speaking in our lifetime we involuntarily alter our genetic code and transmit it altered to our kids modifying them, thus kids had in youth will be nothing like their younger siblings had in the last mile of fertility.

The last ones are more kind, more contemplative, more introspect, thinkers and analisers.

Because our DNA has being altered meanwhile, by our thoughts, by how much we learned, by skills we apprehended, by sicknesses we had, and obviously by things we ingested like; food, drinks, microbes, viruses, etc.

All those things do not only contain proteins, glucides, lipides and other chemical groups of essential to us nutrients, but within those nutrients there are genetic codes that are transported into our very cells and occasionally they alter some of our DNA code in good or,  unfortunately, in bad, mostly the chemicals they put in food to enhance taste or to preserve it on the shelves long periods of time.  So we get all sorts of cancers.

Imagine if the African belief were true and even if slow in time, eating tomatoes, raw ones, regularly, what this does for us, mainly positively, same for the apples or oranges.
Good stuff.

Imagine eating regular bears, or bulls, or tigers, in a few generations we might communicate by roaring at each-other.

However noways folks mainly eat fast-food, where they mainly sell us chemicals meant to give us cancer to the thrill of the pharmaceutical establishment, and in this  bunch of chemicals there is chicken, thus we are bound to become chickens, if you know what I mean.

And pigs, and cows, this is why we behave like we do now-days, after a few generations of fast food.

To make things worse, the buns they wrap the big mack in are from genetically modified wheat flour.  One of the genetically modified plants characteristics is that they are sterile, they do not bear fruitful seeds, and they are the last generation since they cannot reproduce.

Guess what that does do to us???


Bon apetit monsieur.

Copyrighted by Emil Pop 2015

sabato 28 marzo 2015


One co pilot decided is time to die together with his friend the captain and all of them passangers including kids.

Who are you kidding?

Not me.

Just like in the Polish president "aircraft crush by pilot error" multi homicide assassination of one (the target was the president, but to make it look like accident they had to kill all of the others in the crush), here it smells from miles of something else than just a crazy co pilot.

Now how can you program and induce a skilled co pilot with a huge amount of schooling done and bunch of exams passed, thus not an idiot, to commit collective suicide that took some 10 minutes of stubborn grabbing to the plan, 10 minutes in which he could change his mind any second, and still make sure he would not, and why?

What for?

Speculating I can see alternatives like  being preprogrammed for a long period of time without being told you are preprogrammed, than being under the influence of specific drugs that put you in a certain state of mind, and pass all the screenings without being caught, and that leads me to the conclusion somebody is faking your blood and urine tests without your knowledge so they look OK.

Who and why would go through such trouble with more than one candidate (one can never be sure which candidate will drop dead or go cuckoo before task is completed, thus alternative reserves are required, contingencies they call them) just to obtain a highly publicized suicide?

For once, those that for years are trying to obtain legal grounds so that our airplanes and cars become computer driven of flown, the big software companies, the big data companies, the big banks, the BIG BROTHER...

I do expect other similar events to happen in the air, on land and on the sea in the next few years until they succeed and we shall ride driver-less, be flown pilot-less and go on seas captain-less and crew-less.

They did it with the September 11 and other terrorist acts to take away our freedom of speech and act, they did it with ACTA and the other versions of Internet Suppressing Treaties to stop us from sharing knowledge they could not control, and as in the scene of Twin Peaks last episode when the giant stud up and spoke, I am here to speak up and say unto you:

It is happening again!

martedì 24 febbraio 2015

Investors handing out money, looking for you right now

Somewhere over the rainbow.... there is a pot of gold, just waiting for you to pick it up.
Of course for a fee, retainers fee, that you will never see back.
What is this all about?


Yes, linkedin is becoming heavily populated with investors, all kinds.

Some of them just want to make you rich by handing out a small donation, a couple of millions or so, to a randomly selected pool of people among whom just by the case it is me... really?

Others are financial advisors from Twikenham, or Ghana, or US or the Saudi, etc. all using an elevated English with bombastic words, but the phrase is so poor you can see from a mile they googled for synonyms to make it look official whilst it is ... you know.

Others are big national banks managers, directors, CEO, credit inspectors, that discovered dormant accounts ready to be whipped out by the long arm of the law, but if you are willing to share with them they may pass you for a dead's man relative entitled to claim, and the bank is going to take it for granted... hmmm.

Others are sheiks, or sons or daughters of murdered dictators or their staff refugees in some other country but having that pot of gold in custody to multinational or UN storage facility in YOUR COUNTRY and need your help as their mandate to collect it, thus they need to learn from you what country are you in so they hand you their bullions... come on mate.

Not to forget the miners, working class, honest people, just sitting by the river and collecting gold dust and gold ore, having nobody to buy it from them, nice rates, guaranteed quality, not big quantities, a couple of hundred of kilos at maximum.

Some poor folks developed lung cancer or laryngeal cancer, cannot talk, thus do not call them, only email, and in the hour of death they selected me to hand me their life time earned fortune, just because they love me... much obliged, for the love I mean, I was feeling sooo lonely lately.

Remember the lotteries, I won a couple of hundreds of them although I never played, just because they hacked my email address from somewhere, and believe it or not there is a whole committee awarding me piles of cash, if only I would reply those emails...

Others they wont those lotteries themselves, and as a token of gratitude to them Gods of Odds, they picked up me to hand me 10%, just to thank GOD.

One quick question friends, just how stupid do you think am I?

domenica 8 febbraio 2015

A good teacher points you the direction where to look, but does not tell you what to see, it is up to you to discover it!

If someone tells that school kills creativity that is at least naive.

School and formal education do not only kill creativity, they in-bead the intrinseque formation that creativity is ridiculous, dangerous, to be shun and banned, while they also praise it superficially.

The creative person is subject of heavy pressure to turn "normal" by forcing unto them the repetitive learning, praising the most the act of mechanically memorizing and repeating on demand of the school material.

Thus most of the inventive capacities are suppressed, except in those abnormally stubborn. And they are pushed aside and ridiculed, so the others would not dare stepping out of the box.

True in the mechanics school, business schools and any schools.

And if one makes it out of the box and comes up with really innovative solutions and inventions, any given sector, than it is regarded as a miracle, unique, someone that realized the impossible, and this approach is in line with the reality, I mean after such a heavy indoctrination to become "part of the crew and part of the ship" someone still made it out and remained himself... amazing.

And when the system allows some of those to climb the ranks of mediocrity it is only because their inventions serve the system purpose, if they attempt to reform the system in better of different, none of their ideas make it to the rules of the game, and them themselves are pushed to ruin or accepting to live as peones hiding their real capacities from their peers.

Talking about creativity without creativity to a non creating audience that has no intention to change the status quo...

If you'd ever happen to bump into a group of creative people, trust me, you would see the difference from miles away.



sabato 10 gennaio 2015

Unmanned Earth...

Unmanned vessels, trucks and planes, unmanned malls, shops and factories, unmanned haircut, pizza deliveries, construction equipment, unmanned farming, food processing and storage, the final goal... UNMANNED EARTH.

Yap, we shall all die since we will be no longer needed as employees or business owners, thus make no money to make a living, so in the end all those unmanned products and services will end up with no HUMAN buyers, therefore will sell nothing "raising" the profit of the unmanned producers and transporters to negative numbers, thus bankruptcy.

The dog that runs in circles to bite his own tail.  Just to feel it hurts... a lot.

Copyrighted by Emil Pop, 2015, all rights reserved.

mercoledì 7 gennaio 2015

Business is not about making money

Ok, somebody might feel strange at this statement, but yes, it is my strong belief that business is not about making money.

Life is about making money, whether you are in business  or not, otherwise unless you have a pile of cash inherited somehow, you will end up sleeping on the streets and starving to death.

Business is about not loosing those money.

Main reason for a business to exist is to deliver as promised and keep the clients happy, at the right price, not "to make money".  Money will come if you keep up with the first law of business, which is above.

How can you lose those money?

Million ways, plus one.

To start with; there is the government that wants at all costs to kill your business ASAP by taxing you to death and also by using your business, free of charge of course, to collect taxes for them, like VAT that helps you not, you merely take it from the client on top of what you really charge for the job, than without making any profit for this work you do, you give it to the government so they don't shut you down and put you in jail for not working for free for them.  Extortion by the law.

And that is not the only way the government is twisting your arm to rip you off, thus until you are in business, you need to know all those ways, keep them in your mind and price your job accordingly so you can cope with the situation.

Another enemy of your business is YOU, and your family.

Yap, you need to live too, wife needs new curtains one week yes and the other one too, same for skirts, shoes, more shoes, other shoes, than think of kids.... bleeding money.

So the first question they ask you is: You are in business, where is the money?  Why can't we afford a jet plane like Rockefeller?  Or at least new tires at the car...!

To top up, you need to work extra, you are never rested enough, take wrong decisions, postpone too much doing things, start paying low salaries to cut loss, loose best employees because of that, bottom line, go bankrupt.  All your fault.

So don't tell me is not your fault....

Than there are the friends and relatives, I mean, uhhh... you are in business, darn it, if not you who is going to help them?  A job, yap, right, they are not the best fit person for that job, but you grew up together, and yes I know the clients are not happy with them on the job, but what can you do...  so you go bankrupt for helping them out for a while, than they are back in trouble, and so are you.

And last but not least, the clients, demanding more than contracted, willing to pay less than contracted, never happy with the price, and if and when possible, pay you six months later than agreed, or latter...

And this kills the cash flow, and the cash flow is the blood of your business, and with no blood the business collapses and dies, although you have good employees, deliver fine jobs in time, and there is a bunch of cash you have to recuperate from the market for jobs well done, thus in theory you are rich, but in reality penniless, therefore dead.

Life sucks, especially for start-uppers, mostly if they have no big cash backup to resist until the cash flow becomes steady, so if you want to make it, you need to abide to rules that you might hate, but they keep you alive, you have to accept that friends, relatives and family consider you a bad guy, self centred and that ignores their needs, somehow you thought about your nastiest professors in school, but hey... you need to admit that what you studied with them, while hating them, are things you still know and use, and help you make a living in life, while things you have not learned just because the nice professors did not wanted to be the bad guys, is exactly the things you need but cannot use, you loved the professors, but they made you a looser.

Is like being a surgeon, you cut the dude with a knife, chop their bodies, take parts out of it and sow them back like a salami, but you do it to save them, they might hate you for the pain you inflict them, and perhaps for living them without a limb or an organ.  But if you do not do it, they are as good as dead, so they should be grateful to you, but they are not.  Nor the family or friends.

That's it, go ahead, bow your head, face the winds and the storms, let them hate you, learn to stay alive, and one day you will eventually go pension, or make money... who can tell.

Copyrighted by Emil Pop, 2015, all rights reserved.

domenica 6 aprile 2014

Info Wars


We are nothing but mere information, wrote within an information based system built on information.   That is: Code lines.


Cool, you should feel so, since you lack some information.

So the DNA in our cells within our ORGANISM, wow, I just said ORGANISM, not BODY...  we are an organized bunch of living beings within a body, thousands of different species of viruses and bacteria cohabiting a confined space held together by cells that gather to make a body...  OK, the DNA is a CODE that is written with AMINO-ACIDS, I think..., within every single cell of our body, and they contain the same identical information in any darn cell, whether we think of a bone cell or of a skin cell, they all contain individually all of our body mechanisms, growth, ageing and reproductive information.

In other words atoms are grouped in such manner that they become amino acids that are grouped in such manner that they act as information embedded in a cell (more terrabytes per cell than your whole external HDD capacity plus all the computers and smartphones and stick memories you have in your house can hold, all in a cell,

And this info reproduces with every cell split generating more cells of different aspect and dedicated to different tasks but holding each of them the full and complete information package.

And this information changes only when mingling with parents cells mixing together to form another child new information initial cell, two computers that share and correlate their information to give life to a new being.

Do you really thing you only have in you one DNA information package mirrored in every cell?  Hmmmmm..

How about all those bacteria and viruses.. do they have the right to their own information, their own DNA?  Each bacteria and each virus apart from their peers have an unique DNA of their own but similar to the DNA of their same species mates.

That is a lot of different information your body hold.  And you have no idea about it, great!

And what is this information written by ?


And what are atoms ?   simply a bunch of organized electrons spinning around the nucleus that is nothing more but protons and neutrons stuck to each other by something.


How the heck do they know how to stay together, in how many, to give birth to this atom of helium and not to that atom of plutonium?

Well there is... some laws of physics that hold them together.  Did I just said laws?  Aren't laws sort of mere information?  I guess so.

So there is some information wrote within the information that keeps the information base units together... weird.

And how this sub atoms parts decide they are electrons and not neutrons?  or protons?  and what are they made of?  You see, in ancient Greek the word ATOM meant indivisible, one unique block made of one single piece, just to discover latter they were wrong in this assumption and atoms are made of many pieces each, just like a LEGO play, 3 kind of bricks, millions per kind, building up together various shapes.

So who tells us the sub atomic particles are mono-blocks?


In fact they are each formed by smaller particles like MEZONS, that are formed each by smaller particles like Tahions that are formed by even smaller particles named QUARKS all held together at each level by so called week forces, that nobody knows yet how they work, what are they exactly made of, how and by what precise laws of physics are they governed...  Hmmm, just said laws again, and that means information, codes, programming...

And what are the sub quantic particles made of?

The problem is we can only get this deep by calculating things, nobody saw them yet, so we mere assume.  But apparently there is no smaller matter that is made of a Quark, is just information.
And information is not tangible, thus is not a matter but an idea.

Whose idea?  Who wrote that info?  How did he do that?  If a misspelled info enters the system and proliferates by copy and paste what is the disastrous result that might lead to in our life?


Genetically Modified Organisms  (GMO) are they a good idea?  introducing in our body lines of codes that were not intended in the original program, just like introducing a virus that our body cannot control or cope with. Will or body go cuckoo and get cancer out of it?  Yes it will.

Microwaved food (that is not GMO but worse, is a sub atom level modified by "frequency destruction" food looking like product) is going to produce any damage that the body cannot cope with and repair?  Will this change some lines of code in our DNA?  Will or body go cuckoo and get cancer out of it?  Yes it will.

Is that the only way our body is risking to be infected with wrong information and collapse?


just think radiations... from Chernobyl, Fukushima, from Nuclear plants hazardous waste dumped in oceans that evaporate to rain on us, radiation infested fish from those waste, and that we eat at MacDonald, or KFC or any other fast food restaurant, or buy at the local Grocery shop.

Think radiations from our own mobile devices, our own power lines, our medical equipment that we trust our lives to, to be scanned and monitored, our own depleted ammo, our own frequency suppress systems that we use to hush up all the communication in a zone where some big shot of state is in visit, irradiating everyone in the area, including children, food, police and members of staff...

HAARP machines that ruin our atmosphere, killing bees, birds, and marine and lakes/rivers life forms that latter wash ashore and nobody knows why they died in bunch.

And the list can go on.

Conclusion?  stop messing with the information that is "this world", the results won't be to much to celebrate for or brag with.

BTW, who wrote all the original information structure?

Copyrighted by Emil Pop, 2014, all rights reserved.