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domenica 9 agosto 2015

Christians versus aliens, on the inexistent teological conflict that I don't buy.

As a Christian I do read my bible, I am also very curious thus I red the Book of Mormon, the Coran, the Mahab Haratha, the Epopees of Gilgamesh, and other basic books that are considered scared, and realized a few things:

Me being Christian is not me being religious, but me having faith, religion is opium for the sheeples, lucrative illegitimate business on people's ignorance in their faith, Jesus kicked the religious in their faces (Sadducee, priests and pharisees)

He also kicked the bankers out of the house of God (not that God would really need a house, it is rather us that we need it if immature enough not to find Him anywhere we are, since He is anywhere, literally). 

My faith is simple:

1 God Exists,
2 Ain't me,

3 Ain't part of this universe of time and space limitations that keep both us and any other being blocked here, at least for the part we know as "being alive", but there's much more we will never know beyond that known universe to us. And this logic leads me to the simple conclusion that God ain't you either, irrelevant of how much you might try to convince yourself of the contrary.

4 Aliens must exist since the bible tells us so (in the bible there are demons and angels as a simplified description, but if you go through carefully they are many species described from the point of view of a toddler seeing the world, therefore naive and inaccurate, body shifters, form shifters, monsters for our eyes, even flight and combat machines that at the time were not intellectual properties of human beings living at that time, we now managed to make pretty similar things we call airplanes, helicopters, and so on, than there are beings that can transcend time and genetics described briefly from the same naive perspective, but none of them is God, they just inhabit this same universe, whether is only 3 dimensional plus time as we perceive it or of more dimensions than just that as we managed to guess by math and theories)

 So yes, being a Christian does not exclude aliens and other forms of extraterrestrial life, nor excludes the existence of life beyond the created world we can perceive, on the contrary, it is normal to me to think they are out there, maybe smarter, maybe no needing flesh and bones or to eat at MacDonalds or to pay taxes, actually I doubt they have any interest in our money system at all. 

It only means that being a Christian I wouldn't care less about religions, political spectrum, and whenever possible I tend to sort things out without getting involved in financial transactions, since God created the living beings, not the money, therefore money must be the creation of a devilish evil mind or organization, and the less they get involved in my life, the better. 

I don't think it is so complicated to understand this, do you?

Copyrighted by Emil Pop 2015 

domenica 12 luglio 2015

Beings were made to be loved and things were made to be used, our problem nowadays is that we love things and use the beings....

 When we dreamed of a robotized world in the '80es we saw it as robots serving the beings, doing the jobs, and mankind enjoying life, hanging out, working 4 hours a day for the benefit of their society, creating new things.

No need for an income anymore, a resourced based economy where anybody could have anything and if that thing did not existed they would invent it and had the robots make it, no communism, no fascism, no socialism (that is a milder form of commies in our sight) no capitalism (that is a milder form of fascism in our sight) just democracy in the beginning until we moved into the laws that have total respect for the society that no one needs to rebel against them, and folk would have so much respect for the law that no law enforcement was needed thus no government required worldwide (pure anarchy)

What we have instead now with more robots than ever?

New World Order (opposite of democracy), robotized wars, robotized industry, unemployed starving to death, homeless families, resources thrown to be destroyed so that people with no money can have no access to them to survive, war on poor not on the poverty, distorted medicine meant to make money on perpetual sick instead of curing them once and for good, mind control and propaganda, a regression to fascism and communism... and more robots, of course.

Not the robots are our problem, but our politicians and banking system, they value more the money than life. Our life.

Copyrighted by Emil Pop 2015

venerdì 10 luglio 2015

We do not exist, unless someone percieves our existance

 Just read this article here:
and this guy replied in an amazing way, love the dude, here is the post he placed
The Dr. Quantum video is a good one for introducing the ideas of wave/particle duality, probability waves and consciousness interacting with physical reality. It was incomplete in one thing. There was a variation of this experiment performed in which the detector of which slot the electron passed through was left functional, but the results were not recorded or available to the conscious observer. The results obtained were those of a wave interference pattern. This indicates that it was not the the result of the detector being in the experiment that altered the results. Rather it is the inclusion of a conscious observer “aware” of the detector’s results that makes the difference. It is consciousness that collapses the probability wave function and causes the electron to act as a physical “particle”.

Side note: In school we were taught about atoms. They have a +charged nucleus and -charged electrons orbited around it. Actually, there are not little electrons in orbit whizzing around the nucleus. They exist as a probability waveform (PW) electron “cloud”. Within this they exist in all possible locations within the cloud with varying degrees of probability. They only act as an electron “particle” when they have to act as a particle for some reaction. When this occurs, the PW collapses and the particle is actualized.

One of the headings above asks, “What does this mean for US as individuals?” The short version is this. Our futures exist as a probability wave function (PWF). There are a lot of things that could occur, each with varying degrees of probability. With the moment by moment changes of our present physical “reality”, our consciousness collapses our PWF and we experience the present moment. Our consciousness also influences the changing probabilities of our possible futures. Our emotions, desires, hopes, choices and actions increase the probability of some possibilities and decrease others. In this way our consciousness creates the reality we experience. Wave/particle duality also exists on a macro level in our physical world.
Done reading, good, now read this:
The above is not the fruit of my creation, but I still feel like it expresses my thoughts the way I could not.

domenica 24 maggio 2015

Gay marriage rights... Let's be serious!

This Gay rights, non gay rights ( soon it will be ilegal to be straight, also will be considered abnormal and imoral) palestinian rights, jewish rights, catholic rights, muslim rights, etc. rights, is a stupid and dangerous game. (Remember when it was considered ilegal and imoral to be Jewish in Germany?  Or wen it is considered ilegal and imoral to be a Palestinian in Israel?  Personally I see no difference between those tho situations.)

Marriage is about having children, not about signing a tax saving contract between two beings, how many children can they have naturally?

Whether they sign a legal document or not, either they get sacralised their union or not in some religious establishment of some sort or religion, as long as two beings are having natural children together, they are married and bound to raise them just like other species of animals do. 

And if the animals do that, we that claim to be better, smarter, wiser than beasts, why we should not do the same.
Any other "marriage" by signing a contract, legalise a union, getting a union blessed or sacralised or sanctified is pure bullshit or just a way to pay less taxes or gain more voters, but not a marriage.

You need no contract to be married, paper does not marry you, nor blessings or sacralisations, less a government voted law.

Nowadays when filling up a legal document you tick your gender box as Female, Male, or Other.

Since when the hell at birth you were "Other" than a boy or a girl?

Let's be serious!

venerdì 17 aprile 2015

We are what we eat. Dixit.

Ok, the dixit thing is a bit extreme, the rest it is as it is.

If you really think it does not matter what you eat, enjoy life, as long as it lasts, but when your body gives in... than the "  dixit " thing applies.

For a long time I was planning to put this together in a form that anyone could understand, and found no inspiration, but than I saw a movie.

District 9.

Nothing about food, no big chefs, no gourmet lessons, just aliens, humans, conflicts, underground life, guns, bioengineering by mistake, etc.

And some African believes that seem absurd to educated Europeans... but hey, how many absurd thing have being proven correct, the theory of relativity included?

Somewhere in the District 9 a Nigerian cannibal mafia warlord and his killers are knocking off and eating those strong and daring to absorb their strength and powers and enhance their own body.

  I am aware in some African or Asian cultures, and some European ones, eating a mighty wild beast would make your body likewise,  so they would kill the bear, lion, tiger, and consume it, to be strong and brave like them,  in the film they eat aliens, but it did not work.

However that is exactly how it works, but at a different scale, in a different manner, and it takes a hell lot of time to can see some results.

Genetically speaking in our lifetime we involuntarily alter our genetic code and transmit it altered to our kids modifying them, thus kids had in youth will be nothing like their younger siblings had in the last mile of fertility.

The last ones are more kind, more contemplative, more introspect, thinkers and analisers.

Because our DNA has being altered meanwhile, by our thoughts, by how much we learned, by skills we apprehended, by sicknesses we had, and obviously by things we ingested like; food, drinks, microbes, viruses, etc.

All those things do not only contain proteins, glucides, lipides and other chemical groups of essential to us nutrients, but within those nutrients there are genetic codes that are transported into our very cells and occasionally they alter some of our DNA code in good or,  unfortunately, in bad, mostly the chemicals they put in food to enhance taste or to preserve it on the shelves long periods of time.  So we get all sorts of cancers.

Imagine if the African belief were true and even if slow in time, eating tomatoes, raw ones, regularly, what this does for us, mainly positively, same for the apples or oranges.
Good stuff.

Imagine eating regular bears, or bulls, or tigers, in a few generations we might communicate by roaring at each-other.

However noways folks mainly eat fast-food, where they mainly sell us chemicals meant to give us cancer to the thrill of the pharmaceutical establishment, and in this  bunch of chemicals there is chicken, thus we are bound to become chickens, if you know what I mean.

And pigs, and cows, this is why we behave like we do now-days, after a few generations of fast food.

To make things worse, the buns they wrap the big mack in are from genetically modified wheat flour.  One of the genetically modified plants characteristics is that they are sterile, they do not bear fruitful seeds, and they are the last generation since they cannot reproduce.

Guess what that does do to us???


Bon apetit monsieur.

Copyrighted by Emil Pop 2015

sabato 28 marzo 2015


One co pilot decided is time to die together with his friend the captain and all of them passangers including kids.

Who are you kidding?

Not me.

Just like in the Polish president "aircraft crush by pilot error" multi homicide assassination of one (the target was the president, but to make it look like accident they had to kill all of the others in the crush), here it smells from miles of something else than just a crazy co pilot.

Now how can you program and induce a skilled co pilot with a huge amount of schooling done and bunch of exams passed, thus not an idiot, to commit collective suicide that took some 10 minutes of stubborn grabbing to the plan, 10 minutes in which he could change his mind any second, and still make sure he would not, and why?

What for?

Speculating I can see alternatives like  being preprogrammed for a long period of time without being told you are preprogrammed, than being under the influence of specific drugs that put you in a certain state of mind, and pass all the screenings without being caught, and that leads me to the conclusion somebody is faking your blood and urine tests without your knowledge so they look OK.

Who and why would go through such trouble with more than one candidate (one can never be sure which candidate will drop dead or go cuckoo before task is completed, thus alternative reserves are required, contingencies they call them) just to obtain a highly publicized suicide?

For once, those that for years are trying to obtain legal grounds so that our airplanes and cars become computer driven of flown, the big software companies, the big data companies, the big banks, the BIG BROTHER...

I do expect other similar events to happen in the air, on land and on the sea in the next few years until they succeed and we shall ride driver-less, be flown pilot-less and go on seas captain-less and crew-less.

They did it with the September 11 and other terrorist acts to take away our freedom of speech and act, they did it with ACTA and the other versions of Internet Suppressing Treaties to stop us from sharing knowledge they could not control, and as in the scene of Twin Peaks last episode when the giant stud up and spoke, I am here to speak up and say unto you:

It is happening again!

martedì 24 febbraio 2015

Investors handing out money, looking for you right now

Somewhere over the rainbow.... there is a pot of gold, just waiting for you to pick it up.
Of course for a fee, retainers fee, that you will never see back.
What is this all about?


Yes, linkedin is becoming heavily populated with investors, all kinds.

Some of them just want to make you rich by handing out a small donation, a couple of millions or so, to a randomly selected pool of people among whom just by the case it is me... really?

Others are financial advisors from Twikenham, or Ghana, or US or the Saudi, etc. all using an elevated English with bombastic words, but the phrase is so poor you can see from a mile they googled for synonyms to make it look official whilst it is ... you know.

Others are big national banks managers, directors, CEO, credit inspectors, that discovered dormant accounts ready to be whipped out by the long arm of the law, but if you are willing to share with them they may pass you for a dead's man relative entitled to claim, and the bank is going to take it for granted... hmmm.

Others are sheiks, or sons or daughters of murdered dictators or their staff refugees in some other country but having that pot of gold in custody to multinational or UN storage facility in YOUR COUNTRY and need your help as their mandate to collect it, thus they need to learn from you what country are you in so they hand you their bullions... come on mate.

Not to forget the miners, working class, honest people, just sitting by the river and collecting gold dust and gold ore, having nobody to buy it from them, nice rates, guaranteed quality, not big quantities, a couple of hundred of kilos at maximum.

Some poor folks developed lung cancer or laryngeal cancer, cannot talk, thus do not call them, only email, and in the hour of death they selected me to hand me their life time earned fortune, just because they love me... much obliged, for the love I mean, I was feeling sooo lonely lately.

Remember the lotteries, I won a couple of hundreds of them although I never played, just because they hacked my email address from somewhere, and believe it or not there is a whole committee awarding me piles of cash, if only I would reply those emails...

Others they wont those lotteries themselves, and as a token of gratitude to them Gods of Odds, they picked up me to hand me 10%, just to thank GOD.

One quick question friends, just how stupid do you think am I?